3 Interesting Books For Marketers

Noticing that there has been a lot of raining in Vietnam lately, my weekends are now just consist of staying at home (due to the heavy raining) and reading some books I found at the library. Now if you are the kind of person who love staying in your blanket and reading books over a hot cup of tea in rainy day. Then welcome to the club.

I have read these books and found that they are very interesting. They are useful, easy to understand and very applicable to the daily life. If you are a marketing person and looking for new insights into the world of marketing/consumer behavior, then these books are for you.

#1. Influence

As useful to salespeople as it is to marketers, Bob Cialdini’s book is all about how people say “Yes!” and what you can do bring them to that point. In a series of intensely practical observations, Cialdini reveals how your actions and words can profoundly effect the desires and needs of your customers, colleagues and even your competitors. Essential stuff.

Best quote: “There is a group of people who know very well where the weapons of automatic influence lie and employ them regularly and expertly to get what they want. They go from social encounter to social encounter requesting others to comply with their wishes; their frequency of success is dazzling.”

#2 Guerrilla Marketing

Thirty years ago, Jay Conrad Levinson took marketing out of the world of Mad Men and huge corporations into the hands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. The book explains why it’s no longer necessary to spend a great deal of money to gain visibility, as long as you’re willing to get creative. Amazingly, the book got it “spot on” way before anybody was talking about “going viral.”

Best quote: “Guerilla marketing requires you to comprehend every facet of marketing, experiment with many of them, winnow out the losers, double up on the winners, and then use the marketing tactics that prove themselves to you in the battleground of real life.”

#3. Buy-ology

By injecting neuroscience into the art of marketing, Martin Lindstrom explains how everything we think and do is influenced by mental forces of which we are only vaguely aware (if at all). More importantly, Lindstrom shows how these impulses might be scientifically measured and then used to hone marketing campaigns. Scary, maybe, but sci-fi no longer. What so interesting about this book, is that it blend between the new science of neurology and marketing a very interesting read indeed.

Best quote: “If marketers could uncover what is going on in our brains that makes us choose one brand over another–what information passes through our brain’s filter and what information doesn’t–well, that would be key to truly building brands of the future.

Well those are the books that I highly recommend reading. If you have some other books titles that you like. Please share it with me in the comment section. I am also looking for the next best book to read.

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